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EP 232: #SpaSocialBeat - Why Engagement Is So Critical in Today’s Social Landscape

#spasocialbeat May 21, 2021

Welcome to our weekly #SpaSocialBeat! From our best tips and tricks to simplify your social media strategy to our top recommended tools, these are bite-sized episodes that pack a punch of practical advice so you can stop stressing over social media for your spa. 


In this week’s #SpaSocialBeat, we’re discussing:


  • What it means to be engaged on social media and the signal it sends to the algorithm, but more importantly, your audience
  • Why the key to getting more engagement on your social media profiles starts with you engaging more 
  • Our top tips and strategies for engaging with your audience to grow your following and your lead generation


Tune in every Friday for a new #SpaSocialBeat episode with Daniela and Danielle, and be sure to connect with us inside the Spa Marketing Made Easy community to share your biggest takeaways and how you’re putting these tips into play! 


From our best tips and tricks to simplify your social media strategy to our top recommended tools, our Spa Social Beats are bite-sized episodes that pack a punch of practical advice so you can stop stressing over social media for your spa. 


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You're listening to the Spa Marketing Made Easy Podcast and this is a special Spa Social Beats episode, where we give you quick tangible information to help you uplevel your social media game, so you can get more clients in the door.



I'm your host, Daniela Woerner, and I'm joined by my business partner in Post With Purpose Danielle Pastula.



Get ready to take some notes and more importantly, take action. 



All right, my dears, welcome back to the Spa Marketing Made Easy Podcast. This is a special Spa Social Beats. And today we are talking about social media giveaways. We're going to touch on the good, the bad, and the ugly. So Danielle, let's start off with what are the good pieces of giveaway?



Yeah, so I think the natural thing and what most people think of is like, it's an excitement bursts like people like giveaways, it's it drums up, it gives you something to like really hype up and to, to get some excitement around and get people you know, actively engaged. And then that's where some of the other leads come in. Yeah, careful about what you're doing. But yeah, the good element is that it really can be a good booster for engagement, a good boost for just having people. You know, it depends on what your goal is with the giveaway.



So warming your people up. So if you're somebody who you're like, hey, I've been building my email list, or I, you know, I but I haven't emailed them for three months or four months, or whatever I've been, I had to take a break from Instagram because of you know, X, Y or Z. And now I just how do I go back and start talking to those people again, doing a giveaway is a great way to boost the engagement and excitement and kind of get the conversation started get people not thinking about you again. But what is the bad, what's the bad of giveaways?



The bad can be warm. So I think around he don't take the right strategy with around the giveaway. And that's where I was kinda like hesitant around the good, because I really can be good. But where the bad comes into play it will, let me kind of back here, 



What can be good is especially and you mentioned that like if you can build an email list, and you maybe do a little reengagement giveaway as well, when you're talking to people who are already in your circle, and who are already warm audience members, people that are on your email list, people are already following you on social media, it's not necessarily this big, come one come all type of grab it new, you know, new people, because a giveaway may not be the best way to attract the right people to your brand. So that's where I would say the bad comes into play is if you're not going about targeting your giveaway toward the right audience for what your goal is, you can start to just attract the wrong type of people to your brand. 



When I say the wrong type of people, the people who are not your ideal client, the people who are not going to become loyal client tells who you can retain, they might be people who are just looking for a good deal, or, hey, if they win something great, but they have no intention of becoming a long term client that doesn't serve you well to get their email address if they never had that intention.



Yeah, so what we see a lot with giveaways, especially on like Instagram is, you know, tag three friends, they all must be following your page type of thing, right? But as we talked about so much like, if you're a brick and mortar spa business, you want to really focus on having a local following, right, you want to make sure, because our sole intention is that you are getting an ROI on your social media. 



So if you run one of these contests, that's like tag three friends, you have no idea if those friends where they are in the country where they are in the world, and that can really screw up your algorithm. And also, those three friends. You know, are they as you were saying, are they ideal clients to your spa? You know, maybe but most likely not. And, and in our experience, what we've seen was spas is the ones that do the contest, as you were saying, Danielle, when you're doing it with your existing clients, to really re engage and get them excited. It's awesome. It can be really, really good. But when you do it as just like, hey, I want to get more followers. It can really that's the bad that's the bad is that it can be like yeah, you might get a lot of followers but it's the wrong people and we care so much more about quality over quantity, we want to make sure that we are not in the vanity numbers, you know, needing to have all of these, these followers and these likes and these engagements, that means nothing if they're not coming in and receiving services from you. 



Okay, so let's talk about the ugly, what is the ugly of giveaways?



So I'm not gonna lie, the ugly is enough for me to not want to partake this year back. But it's like, it's just too much. Um, Facebook and Instagram are very picky about their contest and giveaway rules. They have rules in place, people break them all the time, I get questions constantly about like, if I do this, is it breaking a rule, and it's like, I don't know, the rules could have changed in the last 48 hours since the last time I looked at them, they change constantly. And the rules that are in place pretty consistently, every time that I go look at them, are things you're not allowed to encourage people to tag, you're not allowed to encourage people to share, like, it's all the things that you know, kind of an essence want to do. And that's then going back to why I like contests and giveaways when it's internal. Like if it's to your email list, you can do whatever you want. You don't have to worry about rules, because it's your rules. It's your email list. 



But with Facebook and Instagram, they do have rules around tagging, they have rules around things like commenting. And you have to look at it specifically because there are certain contests or I should say posts where you can encourage people to tag. But it depends on what you're giving away. And it depends on the contest. There's just so many like little details that you really have to make sure that you're abiding by. And I will say I see people break the rules constantly and nothing happened. It's no big deal. And I'm sure Facebook does not have enough people to like be checking on all the things. But my thought processes is I don't want to do something that's going to get my page banned, or shut my ads account down. Generally, I find if you're going to do a contest and posted on your social organically, you're going to be fine. It's when people try to put ad dollars behind a giveaway type post that you can really run into some trouble if you're not following all those detailed rules, because getting your ads account shut down is...



So one contest that I've seen work really well that I thought was very sweet. You know, this month, it's Mother's Day, right? And so having a post that's like, we're giving away a complimentary facial to a deserving mom tag a mom to get to enter her into the contest, right? 



So that's a way that you're tagging somebody who is likely local, because they're entering to win. You're giving away something, right? We're giving away a facial to a deserving mom. So it makes it not as spammy or ad people are excited to be tagged like, Oh, you entered me not like tag three friends. And you're like, Who is this? What is so many targets? Oh, like here, you're tagging me to win a free facial? Because you think I'm an awesome mom and deserving it right? So think about how you can kind of shift the approach. Like a lot of times, I was just hearing my coach talk about creating referrals for brick and mortars. And, you know, like, if you have a certain the energy of referring someone is totally different if you get something and they get something versus just if you get something so if it's like oh, you know, refer a friend and receive $100 it's refer a friend and you both receive this and this, then it's like, it makes it it just shifts the energy in in the way that you're doing things. So think about that. As you're running as you if you do decide to run a contest, how can you shift the energy to make it not that just like tag three people follow us? Did it like shift the energy in a way? Okay, Danielle, anything else that you want to add about social media giveaways?



Not really. I feel like we covered it all. I guess it would just be that. Yeah, really think through the full strategy, like think of the goal of the contest and giveaway be clear on the audience. And then the execution like go full force with a complete plan and not just the like, here's the thing we want to giveaway, slap it up. hope it works. You can see it a difference, especially in the results that you get. So put some time in, do the plan and take those steps and if you do decide to do a giveaway, I think you'll see a lot better results with it. That approach. Perfect. 



So let's keep this conversation going over in the Spa Marketing Made Easy Facebook group who has done a giveaway what's worked well for you guys? Let us know so that we can all benefit right? Remember we are collaboration, not competition, the rising tide floats all boats and come up with some more instagrammable quotes here but it's as long as we are all supporting each other. We are all benefiting so let's keep this conversation going over there and we'll catch you on the next episode. 



Thank you so much for listening. If you're loving this Spa Social Beats episodes there is a whole lot more where that came from inside of our social media membership site just for spas, Post With Purpose. We teach you how to turn likes into clients by creating targeted messaging combined with beautiful imagery just for your ideal clients. 



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