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EP 246: $5K in 7 Days - Crushing Promotion Goals and Pivoting to Online Success with Emilie Drolet

e-commerce marketing Sep 06, 2021

With a title like “$5K in 7 days,” how could you not be intrigued?! 


Well, in addition to that metric being a smashing success, what makes me love this story of how Emilie created a great cash infusion into her business is that she worked through it in true CEO fashion: she got her mind right, devised a strategic plan, executed, and evaluated. 


No wild emotional rollercoaster, wondering if it’ll work, and throwing out the plan in the thick of the action, she exhibited amazing promotional prep and follow-through, and she has the successful results to show for it. 

Here to break down the whole experience and share her top takeaways in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy is Emilie Drolet, a licensed esthetician with a bachelor's degree in communications who has been working within the beauty industry for over 10 years. 

She's currently in the process of taking over her mother's legacy -- a skin clinic that’s been in operation for 42 years  in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and she’s also a student inside my Growth Factor Framework program. 


If you’re looking to see what’s possible through a dedicated promotional retail push plus the power of ecommerce, especially as our industry continues to navigate the ongoing pandemic, I highly recommend you tune in for a strong dose of inspiration, encouragement and tangible takeaways. 


In this episode, we discuss: 

  •  How Emiie has navigated the last year of running her spa with multiple shutdowns that lasted for months at a time 
  • Why she pivoted her focus primarily to ecommerce retail sales and why she decided to run her 7-day promotions 
  • The steps she took to make $5K from her 7-day promotions plus the key things she noticed made buyers move and what she’ll do differently next time 
  • How she’s preparing for continued resilience in business and the mindset piece she feels has made all the difference

References Mentioned in Episode #246: $5K in 7 Days - Crushing Promotion Goals and Pivoting to Online Success with Emilie Drolet



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