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EP 249: Demystifying Funnels with Stacy Tuschl

marketing Sep 27, 2021

 If you’re a long-time listener to Spa Marketing Made Easy, this topic won’t be new to you, but it may be one that’s left you scratching your head. 


And if you’re newer to the business scene or not a digital marketing nerd, I promise you’re in good company because if there’s one thing in marketing that can get even the most seasoned biz owner stumped — it’s funnels. 


Thankfully, my guest on this episode and return guest on the podcast, Stacy Tuschl, is here to demystify and simplify the process of building and running funnels in your overall marketing strategy. 


Stacy is a business coach and marketing strategist, best-selling author, and the creator of the Foot Traffic Podcast. 


Stacy has been in business since she was 18 when she started hosting dance classes in her parents' backyard that she has now transformed into a 7-figure performing arts multi-location empire. 


When it comes to marketing, she’s gone from door hangers to digital, and her wealth of insight isn’t to be missed!


In this episode, we discuss:


  •  Why business owners today can no longer sit on the sidelines of the digital marketing movement and why funnels are the key to modern marketing success
  • Stacy’s journey as a business owner from the door-to-door days to the current digital trends of today and why every digital strategy blows ROI out of the water compared to traditional marketing methods
  • The number one mindset shift you need to overcome to be successful with funnels
  • The key pieces that compose your funnel and what facets to evaluate when testing and tweaking it to make it the most effective at bringing in new leads and/or converting clients and customers

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