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EP 256: Mapping and Fulfilling Your Goals for Greatness with Mechelle Barras

inspiration mindset Nov 29, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶…


No, not just the holiday season -- goal setting season


Ah yes, the time to round out the year with reflection on all that’s transpired and look to the year ahead to vision and put an action plan to the dreams swirling inside our heads. 


Now, I know not everyone loves goal-setting as much as I do (....I know, but can’t say I fully understand 😜 I’m just a nerd when it comes to goals)


But whether you’re a spa owner who lives for a good goal-planning session or consider goal-setting to be your business arch nemesis, this week’s episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy is for you. 


In this episode, I’m joined by absolute Spa CEO powerhouse (among a multitude of other titles including registered nurse and 20-year retired police sergeant from the busiest agency in Indiana), Mechelle Barras, whose personal story and professional accomplishments will give anyone (goal-lover or not) a good dose of what it means to craft goals for greatness and strive to reach your fullest potential. 


Now that she has grown and scaled her business, Pure Image Laser and Spa, to the next level, Mechelle is focusing on her life success and women’s empowerment coaching practice, where she helps professional women who are action-oriented, ambitious, and ready to discover their passion and live to their fullest potential become a leader in their field, and design a life filled with balance and passionate purpose. 


As you’ll learn in this episode, Mechelle approaches her goals with an even mix of realistic benchmarks, clear goal posts, and a heavy dose of dreaming bigger, but it’s her mindset that really serves as the key to unlocking true greatness.  


I dare you to listen to Mechelle’s journey and not be inspired and motivated to take action on your goals. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  •  The journey of Mechelle’s personal milestones and professional achievements and the biggest lessons she’s learned along the way that now inform her unique approach to mindset and setting goals 
  • The concept of drive and whether it’s something we’re born with or can build, and Mechelle’s top tips for harnessing it
  • How Mechelle has navigated the last year of intense change in her professional life and what that’s brought to her personal life and goals 
  • Her insights on setting goals that get you fired up for reaching your own version and vision for greatness

References Mentioned in Episode #256: Mapping and Fulfilling Your Goals for Greatness with Mechelle Barras




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