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EP 257: Understanding Your Goals and Commitments - Part 1 - Planning Series

business mindset Dec 06, 2021

With twinkly lights aglow and a fresh yearly calendar just waiting to be filled, you might be looking down the road and at the year that lies ahead thinking…


“How am I going to do this?” 


Whether you’ve got a big audacious goal you want to achieve in 2022, or you want to take your foot off the gas and invite more space and breathing room into your life (without sacrificing the growth or momentum in your business), the next four episodes of Spa Marketing Made Easy are for you! 


That’s right, this is Part One in a four-part series I’ll be sharing throughout December all about properly planning so you can have your most productive (and profitable) year yet. 


So pull up an earbud and settle in for Part One all about understanding your goals and commitments so you can set the stage for crafting a strategic plan that works with your definition of success. 


In this episode, you’ll learn: 


  • How business and life planning and goal-setting are intertwined and why it’s critical to get clear on your “Why” and values first 
  • The benefits of keeping a digital calendar system 
  • Questions to ask when performing a calendar audit and how to use the answers to begin structuring your schedule moving forward 
  • My top tips and hacks for structuring your schedule to work with your natural productivity flow and understanding how to find the right balance in your days


References Mentioned in Episode #257: Understanding Your Goals and Commitments




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