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EP 264: Expanding into Virtual Education with Kathy Taranto

business inspiration Jan 24, 2022

Over the last couple of years, we’ve witnessed the world and our industry be flipped upside down and shaken up like a snow globe, and while that has been a jolting experience, it’s also made apparent some tremendous and exciting opportunities that exist for spa owners, especially in the realm of digital education. 


In 2022 and beyond, our industry is primed for new ways for service providers to learn and refine their skillset as well as become educators, consultants, and coaches, which is why I’m so excited for you to learn from my guest in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy because she is an incredible example to see what’s possible when you embrace your expertise and this business model. 


Joining me is Kathy Taranto, a partner at AesthetiCare Medspa in Leawood, Kansas and a partner at MINT Aesthetics, a full-service aesthetic training and consulting group. 


In 2020, AesthetiCare did over $7 million in non-surgical aesthetics at one location, and everything that Kathy learns and practices through her leadership at AesthetiCare provides the ultimate first-hand experience that has allowed her to serve over 1500 clinics across North America and through digital education, reach countries all across the globe including, Australia, India, England and China. 


Tune in as we talk about her journey to starting MINT Aesthetics and how she has leveraged her in-spa experience and leadership to build a truly impactful and impressive digitally-based business. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Kathy’s journey to starting the online training brand, MINT Aesthetics, and how it was born out of efficiency, streamlining and seeing opportunity and being open to exploring it
  • The value of starting scrappy and getting your project or idea out into the world
  • Why now is a great time to consider integrating virtual and digital product and service offerings into your business 
  • What critical pieces you need to have in place to be able to make a dent in the digital space as an educator or consultant 

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