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EP 266: How To Create a Sales Funnel For Your Spa

business marketing Feb 07, 2022

You’re creating content for social media, running Facebook and Instagram ads, and sending emails about your promotions, but it seems like all you hear is crickets (and you’re tossing your ad dollars and marketing resources out the window). 


Here’s the scoop: although sales can come from those who randomly find you online via social media or a search engine result, that’s not the most sure path to sales success. 


Your best method for ensuring that you actually capture your audience and convert them into a sale that’s not based on chance is by crafting a sales funnel. 


In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, you’ll learn what a sales funnel is, why they’re critical for conversion and how to get one built so you can stop relying on chance for sales and start seeing predictable revenue flow from your marketing efforts. 


In this episode, you’ll learn: 


  •  How funnels help support your client journey and how it provides a more secure structure for obtaining leads and sales
  • The big picture overview of a typical funnel and some variations on how you can structure your funnel according to your spa’s specific offer 
  • My top tech tools for building out your funnel and what elements you need to have dialed in to see sales funnel success 
  • My tips for troubleshooting your funnel as well as conducting tests and making tweaks that optimizes your funnel for the best results

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