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EP 267: Scaling from Solo and “Doing it Scared” with Allison Cremona

marketing mindset Feb 14, 2022

Whenever someone asks me my favorite thing about my work, I don’t have to think twice about the answer; it is hands-down seeing the growth and transformation of my students aka Spa CEOs inside of my programs. 


In this episode, you’re going to hear from one of those Spa CEOs who started in a place that so many of my students do and has truly flourished over the last few years including through the pandemic. 


Tune in as I talk with Allison Cremona, the owner and master esthetician at Gidget's Beauty Box, a boutique skin care clinic in Northern Virginia that’s upbeat, fun and quirky in all the best ways, just like Allison. 


Over the years, she’s built deep relationships with her clients and community, and together we discuss how all these steps have paid off in helping her to grow and scale her spa and where she’s headed in her next-level vision.  


In this episode, we discuss: 


  •  The mindset blocks Allison has worked to overcome and move through to reach big goals for her business
  • How Allison has crafted a unique look, experience and feel for her brand in her region that immediately puts out the right signals for her ideal client 
  • What steps and creative marketing strategies Allison has implemented over the past 3 years to exponentially increase her revenue and client base 
  • The future vision Allison holds for herself and her business plus the biggest step that has contributed to her growth thus far and that will continue to help her propel forward in her vision 


References Mentioned in Episode #267: Scaling from Solo and “Doing it Scared” with Allison Cremona




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