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EP 269: Making Your Money Work for You with Nicole Cooley

business education Feb 28, 2022

Whether you’re making good amounts of it or you’re not taking home as much as you’d like, there’s one thing that almost every entrepreneur can identify with, and it’s that there’s always something you could be doing to improve your money situation. 


From stabilizing your cash flow to getting more organized, my guest on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, Nicole Cooley, is wholeheartedly focused on helping others not feel overwhelmed with handling and owning their current finances as well as their financial future. 


With a holistic approach to money that combines your numbers, values, beliefs, and dreams, Nicole helps her clients build systems that bring you confidence so you can feel empowered with your money and move on to achieving your biggest goals.


After personally receiving coaching and systems support from Nicole and being able to double my take-home pay, I knew I needed to have her on the podcast to share how her specific approach to money systems is set up to help you feel good about your money not only in the day-to-day, but also in setting you up for success to make the right choices (for you and your specific) business so that the picture of your financial future is clear and bright as well. 


Tune in as we discuss: 


  •  How having a money and budgeting system in your business allows you to make better business decisions
  • Nicole’s definition of cash flow and why this is often overlooked in many common, well known financial systems 
  • The three key areas of a sound financial system that will allow you to see the full picture of financial health for your business 
  • Why it’s critical to noot just know where your money has gone, but also where you’re planning for it to go in the future 

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