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EP 274: Changing Your Mindset by Conducting Mental Rehearsal with Mindi Huebner

mindset Apr 04, 2022

In theory, I think we all understand that a positive mindset and a good attitude will take you far in life no matter what you do personally or professionally. 


But truly unlocking your highest potential?


Well, that takes more than just positive vibes. 


As my guest in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy explains, taking intentional and aligned action to rewire our brain (a process she calls Mental Rehearsal) is the unlock that brings us beyond more surface-level mindset work and into true personal evolution and development. 


Joining me in this episode is Mindi Huebner, an Intuitive Mindset Mastery Coach, NLP practitioner, a certified Health, and Life and Success coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. 


Mindi’s number one mission is helping women to reveal and release their limiting beliefs and embrace the confident, wildly successful humans they were made to be. 


Listen in on this episode where we delve into Mindi’s tips around rewiring your brain as the key to unlocking your magic so that you can create a soul-aligned business and extraordinary life.


In this episode, we discuss:


  •  The keys to moving past limiting beliefs and why we have them 
  • Mindi’s practice of “Mental Rehearsal” and how it works to begin unlocking your mindset that’s framed with positivity and for abundance
  • Steps for how to begin conducting your own mental rehearsal 
  • Mindi’s top tips for setting yourself up for mindset work success and taking any shame out of the equation

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