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EP 286: What Does “Freedom” Mean to You?

inspiration mindset Jul 04, 2022

If there’s one word that encompasses nearly every entrepreneur’s desire to build a business, it’s “freedom.” 


Freedom to unlimited earning potential, freedom to work on your terms, freedom to grow in whatever direction you desire. 


The freedom to choose. 


In this week’s short and sweet episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, my goal is to get you thinking about what freedom means to you as a Spa CEO and as someone who deserves to live a rich and full life. 


In this episode, I discuss: 


  • Why getting clear on your definition of “freedom” helps you to define your goals and growth path
  • How freedom is multifaceted between life and business, and what it is that freedom means in the tangible sense
  • What elements of freedom mean the most to me and why, plus how those freedom goals have shifted for me over the years and as my life and life circumstances have evolved 

Resources Mentioned in Episode #286: What Does “Freedom” Mean to You?



Episode Transcript

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