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EP 287: Understanding MBTI to Build Your Top Performing Team

business education Jul 11, 2022

If you have the dream of growing your spa or aesthetic business beyond its first six figures, building a team is a non-negotiable. 


And a non-negotiable element to a top-performing team is one that communicates clearly, kindly, and efficiently. 

Furthermore, you need to build a business that doesn’t rely on you, the Spa CEO, as the foundation…


But what’s the best way to ensure that the team you are building is going to help you build for the long-haul? 


In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m talking about why understanding your MBTI personality type and those of your staff and team make all the difference in your hiring process and thus, creating a company with a strong infrastructure for growth. 


In this episode, you’ll learn: 


  • What the MBTI Personality entails and what each letter determines about someone’s personality 
  • Why MBTI is my go-to personality assessment tool for hiring new team members and understanding my team member’s communication style
  • How to assess your team’s individual personality assessments to fit your business’ team needs
  • How you can utilize MBTI has a filtering tool during the hiring process 


References Mentioned in Episode #287: Understanding MBTI to Build Your Top Performing Team



Episode Transcript

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