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EP 288: Breaking into Commercial Real Estate with Annette Walter

business marketing Jul 18, 2022

As you work toward becoming a Spa CEO and putting the systems and structure in place to allow your business to thrive without your hands being the one to turn the gears, something becomes abundantly clear; your money, when leveraged, can begin earning on its own. 


Now, there are plenty of ways to create this leverage, but one way that spa owners in particular can benefit from is owning the space where you operate your spa aka commercial real estate. 


Here to talk with me about it in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy is Annette Walter, the CEO of Timber Industries, which is the largest 100% women-owned pallet, crating and lumber distributor in the U.S., as well as iEvolve Consulting, a growth, strategy and operations business coaching firm. 


In this episode, we’re diving into the topic of investing in commercial real estate to help diversify and grow your wealth, and if this topic has you feeling a little hesitant (as in the “who am I to…” variety), this episode is especially for you.  


And if owning your space, or future space, has ever crossed your mind, I know you’re going to love this conversation!


In this episode, we discuss: 


  •  How Annette broke into the world of commercial real estate and why now might be the best time to begin your foray into this space
  • The 101 on how financing and real estate transactions work in comparison to residential real estate and what the pathway to owning commercial real estate looks like
  • Who you should have on your internal advisory board to help you make the most sound financial decisions both personally and professionally
  • What you need to have to begin looking into commercial real estate opportunities - spoiler: it’s not as intense as you think! 

References Mentioned in Episode #288: Breaking into Commercial Real Estate with Annette Walter


Episode Transcript

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