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EP 303: Harnessing Viral Trends for Your Business with Brendan Kane

business marketing Oct 31, 2022

What does it actually mean to “go viral?” 


Maybe you automatically think of a meme that circulates around the internet at warp speed or a dance or social media challenge that everyone and their mom (literally) is posting to their profile. 


As a brick-and-mortar spa owner, you may be thinking, “does attempting virality matter if I’m trying to cater to the people in your local area?” 


On this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m chatting with a return guest on the podcast, Brendan Kane, on the art and science of crafting content with virality in mind using the insights he and his team have studied and compiled through his Viral Trends project.


If you didn’t listen to our first episode with Brendan (Episode #279, be sure to give it a listen!), here is the short and sweet synopsis of his prolific body of work…


Brendan is the author of the international best-selling books, ​”One Million Followers”​ and “Hook Point: How To Stand Out In A 3 Second World​.” 


As the founder and CEO of the Hook Point agency, Brendan and his team have generated 60 billion views and 100+ million followers for the content they have worked on and now, through his Viral Trends Project, he and his team provide real-time analysis of the world’s most viral content pieces and trends and share their data-driven ideation process that lets content creators, brand builders and business owners leverage these strategies for your own content. 


If you’ve ever seen a piece of content and not been able to put your finger on why it was so alluring and compelling, but immediately pulled you in like a magnet (and I think we all have!), this is a can’t-miss episode! 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  •  What it actually means to “go viral” and where viral content stems from
  • The two key facets behind every viral piece of content that need to be mastered if you want to generate views and velocity with your content  
  • Shifting your perspective behind content creation from one-to-one to one-to-many
  • Specific implications of creating viral content as a small business owner and brick-and-mortar spa owner
  • All the varying factors of “viral” content that Brendan and his team assess through their Viral Trends Project to determine what plays the most important role in vitality 

References Mentioned in Episode #303: Harnessing Viral Trends for Your Business with Brendan Kane



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