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EP 306: A Positive Mindset is Your Greatest Weapon

business mindset Nov 21, 2022

Gratitude grows from the cultivation and discipline of daily practice, but the source of your gratitude? 


Well, that all lies in the power of a positive mindset. 


A business friend of mine shared that “a positive mindset is your greatest weapon,” and in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I wanted to dive deeper into this practice of building up and strengthening your positive mindset so you can not just survive the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneur and Spa CEO life, but actually enjoy it. 


( Because let’s face it, you did not start your own business to build another “job” for yourself - your dream, vision and mission are bigger than that, and it’s going to take a positive mindset to see it through. )


Tune in to Episode 306 as I share my top 5 go-to ways to break your brain out of the mold of its typical thought pattern to pave the way for more positive thinking that begets gratitude, and naturally, better outcomes – because a grateful attitude sees the opportunities and lessons in all circumstances. 


In this episode, I discuss: 


  • Why I’ve worked diligently to train my brain to see the positive in all situations 
  • Identifying what “positivity” means, and doesn’t mean, in the context of mindset so that we’re acknowledging the light and shadow sides of this work
  • Signs that you need to do some mindset work to reframe how you’re viewing life and business, and thus, how you’re responding to them
  • 5 tangible things you can start doing today to train your brain for positivity


References Mentioned in Episode #306: A Positive Mindset is Your Greatest Weapon 



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