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EP 307: Taking Advantage of Your Cycle for Aligned Achievement with Renae Fieck

business education Nov 28, 2022

Ever felt that the flow of the 24-hours-in-a-day or 40-hours-in-a-work week doesn’t actually, well…


It actually doesn’t “flow” at all.  


That’s because those timeframes weren’t built with our innate energetic cycles in mind, especially for women.  


These frameworks were built around a man’s natural timeclock and rhythm and were then translated into a weekly work schedule during the industrial revolution, which has now become a societal norm even though it doesn’t truly work as an ideal time management structure for the majority of society or the population. 


For women, understanding our cycle is not only a foundational element of understanding our innate feminine energy, but when viewing our cycles through the lens of business and work, it becomes a powerful code for unlocking your best life/work balance, structure, and schedule. 


Sounds kind of dreamy, right?

That’s because it is!

In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m chatting with Renae Fieck, mom of three, occupational therapist, and the founder of Cycle Advantage and host of the Cycle Advantage Podcast about optimizing your business and life according to your cycle so you can gain leverage as a CEO, balance the demands of life, make a bigger impact, and get bigger results without adding more stress or needing more time. 


( And if you’re reading, but thinking, “well, I don’t have a menstrual cycle…,” have no fear, I know this is still going to be an insightful and inspiring episode for you, too and we address how taking advantage of your cycle can work as a non-menstruating person. )

I can safely say that nearly every Spa CEO that comes through my programs would self-identify as a high-achiever, but the way to achieve more isn’t through grit, hustle, and blood/sweat/tears, it’s through understanding the seasons and cycles of when those things are beneficial, how we can use them to our advantage, and when we can lean into a different, but natural way of aligning our energy to achieve. 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  •  How embracing our cycle and what’s actually happening with our cycle changes the way we show up in life, within business, and as a leader
  • Some of our personal experiences in finding and tuning into our feminine energy and how big of a role our cycle plays in all facets of our lives as feminine beings
  • The ways we can create microshifts in the ebbs and flows of our workflow so we can better align with our natural energetic cycle
  • The four key phases of your cycle and how they manifest in the ways we might feel and show up
  • Insights into how we can tune into our natural cycle even if you’re not menstruating and how to help your body to adjust and align to a natural rhythm 

References Mentioned in Episode #307: Taking Advantage of Your Cycle for Aligned Achievement with Renae Fieck 



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