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EP 308: Embracing your feminine energy with Angela Jia Kim of Savor Beauty

business mindset Dec 05, 2022

There’s no surprise that females in leadership positions try to suppress their feminine energy. 


Our minds are trained to remove our emotions from the workplace because femininity is viewed as a sign of weakness and is not part of the “normal” building blocks of business.


As beauty industry leaders, it’s our duty to take back our power and lead with feminine energy. When we embrace our femininity, we become more direct, strong, intuitive, passionate, creative, and loving leaders. 


(I don’t want to discourage those that are not females from listening to this episode. Rather, I encourage you to hear how you can help women feel more empowered to embrace their feminism in their work.)


In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor Beauty, a natural skincare and facial spa brand inspired by Korean beauty and self-love rituals, joins me. 


Angela has been called “the unexpected beauty virtuoso” by MindBodyGreen after creating an award-winning skincare in her kitchen, becoming an accidental entrepreneur, and building a multimillion-dollar enterprise around the philosophy of manifesting beauty, brilliance, and balance. 


She has led hundreds of women empowerment workshops and her Savor Beauty Self-Care Planner has sold over 100,000 copies. A highly recognized skin and self-care expert, her skincare and spas in New York City have been chosen as “Best of New York” and featured in top publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, Elle, People, Allure, Well+Good, and more. 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • Personal experiences of navigating burnout and feelings of overwhelm early on in our entrepreneurial journeys
  • Mindset and energy practices shifts to help shift us into embracing our feminine energy in leadership 
  • An overview of the Savor Beauty skincare regimen inspired by Korean beauty and self-love rituals
  • The Savor Beauty Self-Care Planner practices that take less than 30 minutes and help start each day with intention
  • A key role in business growth is building personal relationships with customers and making them feel valued

References Mentioned in Episode #308: Embracing your feminine energy with Angela Jia Kim of Savor Beauty 



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