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EP 309: Capturing 250+ New Client Leads through Facebook Groups with Maria Ramos

business marketing Dec 12, 2022

Where is the first place people go to share recommendations, give reviews, and connect with other people in their communities?


Facebook AKA the new “digital word-of-mouth” platform.


We live in a world where the moment an experience ends, we want to tell others about it - both the good and the bad. 


This is why you’ll often hear me talk about how in order to attract new clients, you need to meet them where they are online. That place is inside Facebook groups. 


In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, Maria Ramos, known to her 76,000 Facebook group members as “The Money Making Esthetician,” joins me to share how she gained 250+ new leads by implementing a Facebook groups marketing strategy she heard right here on our podcast.


Before we dive in, I want to preface that today’s episode is not about building your own Facebook group from scratch (which could be a good strategy depending on your business), but rather how you can leverage established active Facebook groups in your area. 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • Results Maria experienced after implementing this Facebook group strategy
  • Importance for new providers to get hands-on experience during the onboarding process
  • The use of a Google Form to capture lead information and segmenting those leads by area of interest
  • Focusing on providing a quality experience for every client, especially when it’s for new providers’ practice

References Mentioned in Episode #309: Capturing 250+ New Client Leads through Facebook Groups with Maria Ramos



Episode Transcript

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