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EP 310: Setting Smart Financial Goals - Part 1 - 2023 Annual Planning

business education marketing Dec 19, 2022

A hard truth I share often is “if you aren’t paying yourself, unfortunately you have a very expensive, time-consuming hobby.”


I know that sounds really harsh, but I share that because I want you to start building a positive relationship with your money.


Money doesn’t define your worth - it’s a tool that is used to measure the health of your business and it guides you to make smart, database decisions. 


As we prepare to turn the calendar over for a new year, understanding how to set your financial goals based on how much you want to pay yourself is vital for spa owners to get serious about their money. 


That’s why in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, we cover the financial percentage breakdown I use and recommend for spa, plus how to set milestone goals for weekly, monthly, and annually financial goals.  


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • The percentage breakdown I recommend for organizing your weekly revenue
  • Planning questions to ask yourself to map out what you need to make to build the life that you (and your family) want to live
  • How to divide an annual revenue goal into monthly, weekly, and daily micro goals based on the number of providers in your spa
  • One strategy to implement in your spa to prioritize employee engagement and to help them feel a sense of accomplishment and worth

References Mentioned in Episode #310: Setting Smart Financial Goals - Part 1 - 2023 Annual Planning



Episode Transcript

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