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EP 332: 7 Steps to Build a 7 Figure Practice with Ease

business inspiration marketing May 22, 2023

Leadership is a learned skill. 


That they don’t teach you in aesthetics school.


It isn’t until you take the plunge into entrepreneurship do you truly enter the process of becoming a leader. 


This role shifts your focus and adds more responsibility outside of the client experience in the treatment room. 


My goal is to bridge this gap for spa owners and provide personal development training, guidance and expertise to help you step into the role of Spa CEO confidently.


On today’s episode of the Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m sharing the seven steps to building a seven figure practice with ease.


In this episode, I discuss: 


  • Boundaries around time
  • Pricing your services and products appropriately
  • Clear communication with your staff
  • A systematized hiring and onboarding process
  • Tracking the metrics that matter
  • Crafting a holistic digital marketing strategy
  • Building a business community

References Mentioned in Episode #332: 7 Steps to Build a 7 Figure Practice with Ease


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