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EP 333: Balancing Your Feminine and Masculine Energies in Leadership with Alexa Bowditch

education inspiration mindset May 29, 2023

How do we balance these two energies in business? 


Can you be both feminine and masculine in a leadership role? 


Yes, especially in the spa industry, the coexistence of both energies helps you lead from a place of doing and from being


The first step (structure = masculine) is to slow down and allow yourself time to tap into the softer state of just being (emotions = feminine).


The traditional structure and systems of your business exert a masculine influence.


The game changer is being in connection with the people you lead allows vulnerability into the mix where you share a piece of who you are under your business owner shell. 


My guest on today’s episode of the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast is a sex and relationship by design coach who is an expert on tapping into both energies to make you a well rounded leader. 


Alexa Bowditch, also known as ‘That Sex Chick’ across social media, is the founder of The Sex & Love Co. Community, a NY Times featured group with love, sex & relationships as the central focus.


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • Balancing masculine vs feminine energy
  • Giving yourself time to tap into feminine slowness
  • Understanding congruence within yourself
  • Ignoring limiting beliefs and leaning into developing a stronger connection with yourself and your feminine energy
  • Priceless value of connecting with other like minded women

References Mentioned in Episode #333: Balancing Your Feminine and Masculine Energies in Leadership with Alexa Bowditch




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