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EP 356: Embracing the Serial Entrepreneur Title with Charlie Carter

business inspiration Nov 27, 2023

The greatest gift in coaching is witnessing the “Aha!” moments that happen for my students. 


My guest on this episode of the Spa Marketing Made Easy experienced a lightbulb moment on a recent coaching call when I gave her the title of serial entrepreneur.


Charlie Carter, CEO of Body Soul Spa in Jacksonville, FL, is multi-passionate and possesses a wide variety of talents and interests, and she has the itch of entrepreneurship. 


If you can relate to Charlie’s feelings of always wanting to take on the next big challenge and truly loving the build, the title of serial entrepreneur may be the answer you’ve been seeking. 


Listen in to hear how this defining moment gave Charlie so much clarity and validation for how she was feeling. 


Tune into this episode as we discuss:


  • How Charlie became an entrepreneur and her journey navigating the spa industry
  • The “Aha!” moment that defined her as a serial entrepreneur
  • What happens when she gets the itch of serial entrepreneurship
  • The decision making process she follows when presented with a new entrepreneurial opportunity
  • Charlie’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

 References Mentioned in Episode #356: Embracing the Serial Entrepreneur Title with Charlie Carter


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