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EP 360: 3 Keys for Building a High Performing Team

business inspiration leadership Dec 25, 2023

Not hiring is risky business. 


Operating as a solo isn’t wrong, but it is limiting because it becomes seemingly impossible to imagine expansion or growth when you have to wear all the hats of being a business owner.


I’m not saying it’s not attainable, but it is not what I recommend or would ever put myself through as a CEO. 


Developing a team has changed my life for the better


In today’s solo episode on the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast, I’m sharing the 3 keys to building a high performing team and reasons why my team has helped propel my business forward.


In this episode, I discuss: 

  • How I’ve achieved freedom in my business by developing a team
  • The training and development processes I’m using with my Growth Factor® coaches
  • The reason why I gifted over $100,000 in 1:1 coaching calls to active Growth Factor® students
  • Importance of standardization of processes when you have more than one provider


References Mentioned in Episode #360: 3 Keys for Building a High Performing Team


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