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EP 361: Setting Intentions: Daniela’s 2024 Words of the Year

business inspiration mindset Jan 01, 2024

One of my favorite practices every January is to set my intention for the year.


(If you’re reading this and thinking “I didn’t do that!” It’s never too late. Tune in to hear more about the process.)


The word (or phrase) I select is the constant reminder I refer to weekly as I navigate life and business for another year.


For 2024, I decided to switch it up a bit. 


After seeing a Facebook post that said whichever 4 words you see first in the word scramble are going to determine your year, I decided to play along and ended up loving the 4 words I saw first. 


Tune in to this episode to hear what my focus is going to be in 2024! 


In this episode, I discuss: 

  • Intention setting and why it’s important to regularly practice
  • My process for setting my yearly intention
  • The 5 words I am committing to in 2024


References Mentioned in Episode #361: Setting Intentions: Daniela’s 2024 Words of the Year


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