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EP 367: The Spa CEO Journey: What’s The Next Right Step For You?

education marketing Feb 12, 2024

If I had to rank my top shared insights on the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast, “leadership is a learned skill” would definitely make my Top 3. 


That’s what today’s episode is all about. I’m asking you the one question all Spa CEOs need to be asking themselves in regards to leadership. 


I’ve been transparent that it’s really hard (nearly impossible) to cross the million dollar mark as a solo. 


If you find yourself trying to figure out a way to increase your monthly revenue number, it’s time to consider bringing on a spa manager. 




Before you can jump in and hire a role that is essentially an extension of you - the Spa CEO - you need to understand if you’re in a place where your leadership skills are ready to delegate and manage.


This episode is going to help you answer the hard leadership questions and give you a clear understanding of how a Spa Manager can benefit your business. 


In this episode, I discuss: 


  • My personal experiences with leadership
  • The recognition that leadership is a learned skill that’s constantly evolving
  • A full detailed list of spa manager responsibilities
  • Not settling back into old patterns if you’ve lost sight of your goals - there is always room to push reset and begin again
  • An exercise of taking an honest assessment of your business and options for the  right next step forward

References Mentioned in Episode #367: The Spa CEO Journey: What’s The Next Right Step For You? 




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