Careers at Addo Aesthetics

Who We Are

Addo Aesthetics, LLC is a high-performance coaching and consulting company that serves founders and entrepreneurs in the spa industry. We are looking to add driven and talented members to our growing team! Take a look at who we serve and the work we do to get an idea if we would be a great fit to work together; then take a look at our open positions and apply for the role that fits your talents and skill set.

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Our Mission

At Addo Aesthetics, our mission is to transform overworked aestheticians into successful spa owners so they can shift out of chaos and into confidence as an entrepreneur/CEO, team leader, and person/partner/parent and pave the way for creating a life of freedom, flexibility, and financial growth. 

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Who We Serve

We primarily work with spa owners who are seeking to grow and scale their brick-and-mortar spa locations to the next level in addition to expanding into additional revenue streams in the digital space to create time, financial, and lifestyle freedom.   

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What We Do

We offer a variety of courses, coaching programs, done-for-you resources, and live events all focused on building a profitable spa business on a foundation of strategy, systems, and structure to be able to scale.

A Few Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Work at Addo Aesthetics

We are a 100% virtual company.

We have team members all over the world and work collaboratively and flexibly online and in our own spaces to accomplish big goals together.

We provide opportunities for growth...

In your role, both in responsibility, earnings, and skills development. As a rapidly growing small business, we are confident that as Addo Aesthetics grows, so will the need for more team members, however, we always aim to provide our existing team members who have demonstrated their skills and desire to advance the first opportunities to do so.

We are a team built on trust...

And caring at the core and hold family and personal well being as our highest core values.While our work is important, we maintain that our team works best when we know that our families and selves are being cared for properly. We foster this with our work-from-home flexibility and monthly self-care incentives.


We are currently not hiring for any positions but we are always on the lookout for great talent.


If you are interested in working with Addo Aesthetics, click the link below and tell us why:

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