What We Do

At Addo Aesthetics we transform overworked aestheticians into successful spa owners who go from chaotic to confident, building a life they love with the strategic systems needed for true freedom, flexibility, and financial growth. 

We offer a variety of courses, coaching programs, done-for-you resources, and live events all focused on building a profitable spa business that is scaleable. 

Daniela, a licensed aesthetician who has worked as a spa director as well as consulted with the top skincare brands in the world, is an expert in marketing strategy and retail sales in the spa industry. 

Other members of the Addo Aesthetics team have expert knowledge in ecommerce, social media and branding, digital marketing and advertising, and private label skincare.

How We Began

As an aesthetician who is also a military spouse, I knew at some point I would need to create career path that would allow me to stay in my chosen profession. 

That time came in 2014 when my husband shared that we had 5 weeks notice to move to a new area and leave a job that I absolutely loved.  

My philosophy for beautiful skin always had quality home care as the foundation which meant that I excelled at retail sales in all of the spas I worked in.  That led me to start a consulting company where I worked with medical spas and physician dispensed skincare brands around the world. 

When we started our family in 2017 I pivoted towards the online space initially so I would not have to travel so much but quickly realized I had found my true calling. 

Today we work with hundreds of spa owners around the world and I feel so honored to have the opportunity to work with such incredible entrepreneurs. 

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My Why

There are two things that get me out of bed each day to continue on my path of elevating the spa industry as a whole. 

The first is setting an example for my children.  I believe the best way to teach is by what we do rather than what we say and by following my heart and my path as an entrepreneur, I am teaching my kids to do the same.  Not to be an entrepreneur per se, but to follow their own path, where ever that may lead. 

The second are the incredible moments I get to be a part of when a client has a breakthrough moment and realizes the growth and accomplishments they have made towards their goals. 

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