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You knew you could do it, that you could own and operate your medspa or day spa even if it took constant effort. But all the time you spend working IN your business may not allow the time you need to work ON your business. It’s time to break the cycle of toil by hopping off the hustle treadmill and stepping up to become the spa CEO you’re meant to be. 

At Addo Aesthetics, we offer community and resource-based spa coaching programs and spa consulting services to help you look at your business differently. With a top-down vantage point, you’ll be able to identify challenges, spot avenues for growth, and realign your role with a vision for greater momentum. 

For different results, we need different perspectives. Reclaim your professional and personal time while enhancing financial freedom with Addo Aesthetics today.

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Growth Factor Framework

Successful CEOs work smarter, not harder. To take the lay of the land, Addo Aesthetics’ spa coaching and spa consulting services build you up. Through educational programs, community support, and mindset coaching, you can become the spa mastermind you always knew you could be. If you’re serious about driving exponential business growth and scaling sustainably to fuel a life of freedom, flexibility, and financial growth, book a call with us today.

Serious medspa and day spa owners who are willing to do the work can double their investments within six months.

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Our Proven Path to Success

Becoming the kind of CEO you want to be requires thinking like a CEO. Whatever your ultimate goals may be (from scaling back your hours, to retiring, to selling your spa altogether, to opening up multiple locations, franchises, or new businesses), you have to embrace a new way of thinking and operating. Our Growth Factor Framework Spa Coaching & Spa Consulting program can help you step into the role of a Spa CEO.

6-Month Spa Coaching & Consultation

There’s a time and place for hard work, but Spa CEOs don’t spend their time outside their zone of genius. Instead, they work to create systems and foundational pillars within their business to do the heavy lifting for them as their business grows. Our 6-month spa consulting & spa coaching course includes:

  • In-depth training courses for each of the 5 phases of the Growth Factor Framework
  • 50+ done-for-you resources, trackers, and templates to help implement what you learn
  • Access to all weekly support calls & events
  • Access to the exclusive Growth Factor Framework Community
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What You’ll Earn: Freedom, Flexibility, Financial Growth

Break the Cycle & Get Back on Track Toward Your Dreams

As a medspa or day spa CEO, you’re no stranger to realigning expectations and changing to meet the needs of your business. Addo Aesthetics’ spa coaching and spa consulting services support you in achieving the most important things for any CEO.


Whether it’s more time to spend with family and friends, the ability to finally step away from working in the treatment room, or to travel abroad for a month-long vacation while your business continues to flourish — freedom is having the true choice of how to spend your time in, on, and around your business without sacrificing growth or momentum. 


One of my favorite sayings is, “Be like bamboo: strong, yet flexible.” When you have the tools, resources, and understanding of the core pillars of your business and the phases it needs to grow within and cycle through, you not only craft a business that offers you a level of personal flexibility and freedom, but you build something that is strong yet flexible enough to evolve with the market, technology, and the world.

Financial GROWTH

You started your business because you are passionate about what you do. I believe passion in our purpose is a necessary ingredient for building and scaling a successful business, but so is money. What you’ll learn and implement throughout the Growth Factor Framework program will help you to build financial growth in your business so you can use it as fuel to live your best life—and not the other way around.

What Kind of CEO Will You Be This Fiscal Year?

Exhaustion doesn’t have to be the status quo. “Constant fatigue” is not the mantra of successful CEOs. If you feel like you’re pouring from an empty cup, or if you don’t even know where your cup is anymore, it’s time to do what’s right for your business, your life, and your goals. Spa coaching and spa consulting services from Addo Aesthetics provide more than just a framework for success. We also provide a community of like-minded medspa and day spa owners around the country who can help you listen to yourself and your business like never before. 

Together, we can help you build exactly the kind of spa business you thought you were starting all those months ago, before the exhaustion and hustle trapped you in a cycle of the same hard work with the same, predictable results. Work smarter and see what smarter gets you with spa coaching and spa consulting services from Addo Aesthetics today.

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