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EP 073: The History and Modern Day Power of Chemical Peels in Aesthetics

products Jun 01, 2019

They may be one of the most commonly known treatments in the realm of aesthetics, but what’s not as well known is their historical evolution and how the science of chemical peels is going to continue powering aesthetic practices in the years to come.


In this episode, I’m joined again by repeat guest, Nicole Simpson aka The Aesthetics Expert who is the ultimate pro at chemical peels as she schools us on how to harness the power of chemical peels to grow your aesthetic business.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The history of chemical peels and how ancient cultures created the original peels plus how they’ve evolved with science into modern times  
  • How chemical peels can act as a powerful profit booster for your clinic
  • Language you can use to communicate with your clients on how chemical peels work within the skin
  • Why proper chemical peel education is critical for client safety and managing expectations
  • Where the practice of chemical peels is headed in the realm of aesthetic science
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