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EP 078: The Journey of Growing an E-Commerce Empire with Alana and Jared Mitchell

e-commerce Jun 03, 2019

If you’re an aesthetician who has branched out into the world of going solo or opening up your own spa, whether you know it or not, you’ve got the entrepreneurial bug.

And if you haven’t experienced it already, you likely will soon, that having the entrepreneurial bug means big dreaming with endless possibilities.  

Maybe those big dreams entail growing a team or expanding to multiple locations, or if you’re like my guests in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, it could mean starting your own skincare line.

Now I’m not just talking about private labeling some products, although that is a fantastic avenue to explore, especially as you’re starting out with crafting your spa’s retail strategy.

(And if you want to learn more about this, be sure to go back and listen to Episode #048 with my dear friend Nicole Di Rocco.)

In this episode, my guests Alana and Jared Mitchell are discussing their journey of building a successful e-commerce store and launching their own proprietary skincare line that has exploded all the way to crossing the 7-figure mark and continues to charge full steam ahead.

 Alana and Jared started as day spa owners and quickly saw the opportunity for potential growth that existed in the online and e-commerce space, so they put their entrepreneurial skills to work and began building their empire.

Tune in to hear about their journey to branching out beyond the treatment room and into the digital realm and how you can take your big dreams and scale them to wherever you set your sights.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Alana and Jared started as day spa owners and saw an opportunity for growth in the area of e-commerce and internet selling
  • Their journey of starting their initial website and how it evolved into Alana’s own skincare brand
  • What Alana and Jared spent the majority of their time on to build their businesses to 7-figures and beyond plus how they manage to balance their relationship, family, and home life with their entrepreneurial dreams and goals
  • The most powerful activities Alana and Jared contribute to their exponential growth and motivation for achieving any dream you set your sights on

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