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EP 091: The Behind-the-Scenes Journey from Bright Idea to My Skin Buddy with founder, Ghada Abuhakmeh

education products Sep 02, 2019

When I was at the NASN Pro Boston event last month, I had the opportunity to see so many friendly faces of former colleagues and my Spa Retail Rockstars, and more than once I was told, “you’ve got to meet Ghada!”


And once I met her, I 100 percent understand why everyone was singing her praises because Ghada is not only such a sweet and warm personality, but she’s also a powerhouse entrepreneur who’s making major waves with her multi-function, multi-benefit device, My Skin Buddy. 


If you’re not familiar with the My Skin Buddy (or you didn’t see this post on my Instagram), here’s the quick recap:


The My Skin Buddy is a LED Light Therapy beauty device that cleanses, exfoliates, aids in product penetration, and delivers LED light therapy all in the convenience of a single handheld device. 


And beyond the device itself being uniquely awesome, Ghada is also building her business in a way that supports the small business owner and independent aesthetic practitioner, but, of course, it hasn’t all been as glamorous as her brand would lead you to believe. 


As she’s navigated the entrepreneurial journey, Ghada has encountered roadblocks and growing pains, but with inner growth and development along with experience, she’s gained valuable insight that she’s sharing with us on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy. 


Whether you’re interested in creating your own product or not, Ghada’s authentic behind-the-scenes are invaluable for any entrepreneur at any point in your journey. 


In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Why Ghada initially set out to create the My Skin Buddy and how it quickly expanded beyond Ghada’s initial intentions
  • What the My Skin Buddy does and how estheticians are using it for their clients and to improve at-home skincare compliance 
  • Ghada’s top tips for owning your role as an entrepreneur and CEO and how networking and community have played vital roles in her growth
  • Where she is headed with My Skin Buddy and her mindset around growing her dream team 


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