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EP 113: Follow-Up From Month One Inside the Growth Factor Framework

mindset Jan 27, 2020

They’re back for their first official update of the year! 


I’m talking about today’s guests on the podcast, Sara Sykes and Melissa Lanno, who are the co-owners of Sykes & Lanno, and are officially one month into their Growth Factor journey to hitting seven figures in their spa this year. 


Last month I sat down with them for our first installment to talk about the background of their first year in business and their big growth goals for 2020, so if you haven’t listened to Episode #106 yet, be sure to go do that to get caught up


Every month in 2020, I’ll be sitting down with Sara and Melissa to pull back the curtain to show what it truly takes to get your business to the next level of growth and how to maintain it. 


And now that we’re one month in, we’re officially off to the races!  


After having our kickoff and initial planning call for Growth Factor, then attending the Aesthetic Marketing Seminar (my event for Spa Retail Rockstar and Growth Factor group), they’re now back at their spa and hitting the ground running. 


In this episode, we discuss:

  • The result of the biggest takeaway from their Growth Factor kickoff planning call and how that has played out over the last month
  • Their experience and biggest aha moments from the Aesthetic Marketing Seminar that they’re bringing back to their spa
  • Their three big goals for Quarter 1 and how they plan to tackle them 
  • Plus we talk mindset, building a legacy, having family support in entrepreneurship, perfectionism, and more


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