EP 125: Securing Publicity for Your E-Commerce Brand with Lynya Floyd

marketing Mar 09, 2020


Securing press for your brand and business is one of the best ways to instantly boost your credibility and authority as an aesthetic expert, and the best part is, it’s free! 


However, with benefits like that, you can bet that securing publicity for your brand isn’t exactly a cakewalk. 


It can feel a little scary. 


You’re probably, scratch that, definitely, going to hear “no” to your story pitches.


And you might be wrestling with an insane case of imposter syndrome. 


First things first, it’s time to face the fear and let that be your driving force of motivation because, as my guest on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy shares, everyone has a story to share, including you. 


Today I’m talking with Lynya Floyd, a journalist and media maven with 20+ years experience in the health and wellness media realm who has worked for household name publications like Glamour, Seventeen, Essence, and Family Circle. 


These days, she’s the Senior Media Coach at Impacting Millions, and it goes without saying that she’s a total pro. 


In this episode, she’s giving you a crash course in securing publicity for your brand so that you know the right steps for how to pitch your story to the media, why gaining press can push your brand over the edge, especially in the realm of e-commerce, and you'll get actionable takeaways you can start leveraging today to begin building momentum and creating your “PR Snowball Effect.”


In this episode, Lynya shares her expert insights on: 


  • Why you’re fully equipped to gain publicity for your brand and how it can be used to step up both the local e-commerce side of your business
  • How PR gives you social proof and credibility that allows you to stand out from the crowd
  • What types of media outlets to focus on and Lyna’s two primary considerations for where to focus your attention
  • Her top tips for pitching a great story, keeping your head in the game amidst rejection, and creating your PR “Snowball Effect”


References Mentioned in Episode #125: Securing Publicity for Your E-Commerce Brand with Lynya Floyd 



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