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EP 127: Pushing Past Fear to Get Publicity and Impact Millions with Selena Soo

leadership marketing Mar 16, 2020


Battling imposter syndrome. 


Clamming up in the face of the camera. 


Saying to yourself “I’m better behind the scenes, I just want to see my clients shining in the spotlight.” 


These are all things I’ve heard from countless aestheticians looking to step up and into the role of leader and face of their brand, but are afraid to do so for well, truthfully, countless reasons. 


From fearing judgement to being afraid of sounding silly or like you don’t know what you’re talking about or forgetting how to talk altogether when you’ve got the floor and it’s your time to shine, sometimes all it takes is thinking of going live on your own Facebook page to send you into a cold full-body sweat, forget showing up on the local news! 


First, breathe. 


Next, listen. 


You are fully equipped to stand and shine in your own spotlight, and here to help you do it is my mastermind leader and business coach, Selena Soo. 


If you’ve been a  long-time listener to Spa Marketing Made Easy, you’ve already heard me talk about Selena and her genius as a connector and relationship builder, but her official title is business and publicity strategist who helps take experts who are “hidden gems” and give them the tools to transform into industry leaders, and even household names. 


She’s helped her clients and students get featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc., as well as top-ranked podcasts and national TV shows, so she’s no stranger to the spotlight, but what’s funny is that in the beginning of her journey she too was terrified of being visible. 


In this episode, you’ll hear her story of how she broke into the world of publicity, her unique take on gaining exposure for your business through the media, and the critical mindset shifts she made so that she could fully stand in the spotlight and unleash her brilliance so that she could ultimately impact millions. 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • Selena’s personal journey in discovering her passion for publicity and how it wasn’t always a natural calling to step into the spotlight
  • How Selena shifted her perspective to push past fear so she could make the impact she desired for her life and for her clients
  • Her 4 mindset shifts and lessons that you can take away to get past your own publicity hangups and mental blocks 
  • Why publicity is critical for aesthetic experts and simple steps for getting started generating publicity for your brand 



References Mentioned in Episode #127: Pushing Past Fear to Get Publicity and Impact Millions with Selena Soo



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