EP 131: How to Reset Your Goals and Create New Plans for Your Business with Ali Schiller

leadership mindset Apr 13, 2020


What do you do when it feels like all the progress you’ve made toward your goals feels derailed?


While you may feel defeated, the answer isn’t throwing in the towel, but rather, finding a new framework, resetting your goal, and crafting a new plan. 


In quite serendipitous timing, this podcast topic and interview with this week’s guest, Ali Schiller, was on my schedule long before the news of COVID-19 arrived on the scene because the truth is, it’s not just a global pandemic that can set your goals into a tailspin. 


Whether it’s a personal or family issue that pulls you away from your regular schedule, or the realization that what you were reaching for wasn’t actually what you wanted after all, making a pivot can be a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey. 


And here to help us navigate those pivots in our goals and plans is Ali Schiller who is the founder of Accountability Works and has been featured in Fast Company, Business Insider, and is the featured accountability expert in’s “Goal Standard Challenge,” where she advised an audience of 25,000 people participating in the program. 


Clearly, goal setting is her zone of genius, but more so than that, it’s her ability to help you see your goals through and adjust your plan to achieve them along your unique journey, which is what she’s speaking on in this episode. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Ali’s key methods and fundamental frameworks for helping you stay accountable to your goals 
  • How a Freedom List can help you get focused on what’s important to you and cut cord on what’s not 
  • The power of planning with pen and paper and why it’s not a particular system that’s going to determine your success in reaching goals
  • How to ditch the feelings of guilt if you find yourself needing to scale back or reset your original goals
  • Why effectiveness is far more important than efficiency when examining how we’re going to reach our goals



References Mentioned in Episode #131: How to Reset Your Goals and Create New Plans for Your Business with Ali Schiller 


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