EP 134: Using Google Ads to Get Your Spa to the Top of Search Results with Deirdre Andrews

marketing May 04, 2020


It’s no secret that I love paid advertising, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. 


I’ve said it many times here on Spa Marketing Made Easy, and I’m confident I’ll say it many more, but in this week’s episode, my guest and I are digging into a realm of advertising I’m not as familiar with: Google Ads. 


Google Ads are a bit of a different beast both with the intent of the ads, the way they’re creatively structured, and how you do the targeting element, but just like Facebook and Instagram, the potential the Google Ads platform holds for your business is powerful. 


And here to discuss it with me and give us the crash course in getting started with Google Ads is Deirdre Andrews. 


Deirdre is the founder and CEO of Define Marketing, and a Google Ads expert who helps her clients and students get to the top of Google’s search rankings so they can grab control over their online visibility and turn clicks into clients and customers. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Why are Google ads are a priority in a brick and mortar spa’s marketing strategy
  • Why would you pay to be in front of yourself even if you’re the number one organic listing
  • Why SEO and search marketing go hand and hand and key considerations to keep in mind as you navigate SEO 
  • The 101 on how Google Ads work and a good budget to start with 
  • Deirdre’s step-by-step process for getting started with your Google Ads campaigns 



References Mentioned in Episode #134: Using Google Ads to Get Your Spa to the Top of Search Results with Deirdre Andrews



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