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EP 164: Auditing Your Calendar and Planning for Your Best Year

leadership mindset Oct 05, 2020

We may have just turned the corner on Quarter 4, but that means it’s time to start looking ahead to next year! 


I know, I know, you may be thinking I need to slow my roll...we haven’t even made it to Halloween yet! 


But I promise, now is not too soon. 


In fact, I typically start planning my upcoming year in August/September. 


You may have heard the saying, “fail to plan, then plan to fail,” and while I do believe any time you desire more for your daily life is a good time to rework your plans and calendar, there is something about pressing the proverbial “start button” on a new year that gives us a little lift in our intentions. 


Speaking of intention...


If you want to have a year where your time is spent intentionally doing the work that leads you toward:


  • Hitting your biggest goals (personally and professionally)
  • Always having a full cup (i.e. - you feel rested, energized and happy)
  • And allows you to cultivate balance between your business and/home life


The time to plan your year and audit your calendar isn’t the last week of the year, it’s now. 


So, from taking an audit of what worked this year and what didn’t to planning out an entire year in advance, in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes of my personal planning process that you can walkthrough right alongside me.


Let’s make this your most profitable, productive, and purpose-filled year yet! 


In this episode, I’ll walk you through:


  • How this planning process allows me to fully show up as CEO in my business and as the wife and mom I aim to be at home 
  • Why I opted to switch to an A/B Week schedule and how you can modify this to fit your needs if you’re working in the treatment room
  • Reflection questions to ask yourself as you look ahead to making commitments on next year’s calendar 
  • My 5-step process of scheduling my time on my annual calendar and how I approach it on a quarterly basis to make room for flexibility and opportunities that arise


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