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EP 176: Unlocking the Power of Hiring a Virtual Assistant with Esther Inman

business leadership Dec 07, 2020

The natural path of a business owner starts like this:


  • Have a big dream
  • Dare to take a chance on that dream
  • Dive in head first 
  • Proceed to wear all the hats and do all the things


While the first three things in that list are incredible and exciting, that last one? 

Well that leads to burn out real fast, not to mention, it leads to scaling your business realllll slow. 


And that’s why the only way to get out of that hands-in-every-pie syndrome is to pass some pies off to someone else, and by someone else, I mean a virtual assistant. 


VAs are incredible at wrangling tasks and making things happen, often at a fraction of the amount of time it would take you as well as the cost. 

That’s right, the cost of you doing everything yourself is significantly higher than the cost of bringing on a VA. Mark my words. 


And here to help me make my case is my guest on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, Esther Inman. 


Esther is a military spouse, mom, and travel lover who quit corporate America knowing that there was a better way to work that also worked with her life and family dynamic. 


After quickly becoming an in-demand VA, she saw the opportunity to help others find flexible work as well, and her VA agency was born. Then, after taking her agency to 6 figures, she moved on to develop her signature program, 90 Day VA, where she has helped over 4,000 women work online as virtual assistants around the world. 


Esther’s VA matching services is actually how I came to find my Operations Extraordinaire, Annie, who has now been on my team for years and keeps Addo Aesthetics running like a well-oiled machine so I can live in my entrepreneurial visionary zone of genius. 

All of that 👆🏻started with a search for a VA to help with operational tasks and grew from there. 


So, if you’re burnt out, tired, stretched to the limit, and yearning for more, I’d say it’s about time to really dig into the idea of bringing on a VA -- pull up an earbud and tune into Episode #174 featuring my conversation with Esther. 


In this episode, you’ll learn: 


  • What a virtual assistant (VA) is and what tasks they’re able to take off your plate as an entrepreneur 
  • The opportunity cost of not bringing in help to your business and crunching the numbers of investing in a VA and the time and money you’ll get as a return on your investment 
  • What kinds of tasks VAs can assist you with and how to go about finding the right fit for your team 
  • The average cost of a VA, pros and cons of outsourcing domestically and internationally, and the process of using a hiring service like Esther’s to help you streamline your hiring process


References Mentioned in Episode #174: Unlocking the Power of Hiring a Virtual Assistant with Esther Inman



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