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EP 179: Conducting a Yearly Review for Future Success

leadership Dec 28, 2020

Whew, friends, we made it! 


Well, nearly…as we come close to crossing the threshold into 2021, you might find yourself barreling toward the finish line ready to put this year in the rearview and race as far away as possible. 


I hear you and I get it. 


This past year was every adjective for “not normal” in the book, yet it’s also been a year filled with boundless opportunities and proof that when we need to rise up and be strong, the spa industry isn’t going down, and definitely not without a fight. 


From the very start of Quarter 2 when the pandemic began, I saw spa owners build out an ecommerce store overnight and craft all new offerings that expanded their audience from local to nationwide.


I saw some spa owners close their brick-and-mortar businesses, dive all-in on building a brand online, and begin utilizing their esthetic influence and expertise to start educating and consulting. 


I also went on a full 2-month maternity leave at the very beginning of the pandemic and saw once again the power of systems and processes in business, and how even in the shakiest of times, it’s those systems that keep the ground underneath your business steady. 


Yes, it was a year of tough times and tribulations, but I truly believe that if we approach reflecting on this year with the right mindset, 2020 be that pivotal point in our journey where we can look back at how much we’ve grown and accomplished and think, “that’s the year it all changed.”


I want to take a moment to reflect with you in this week’s podcast episode and to set the stage for a great year ahead. If you’re ready for a restart, first, we’ve got to plan for it, which is exactly what I’ll guide you through in this final episode of 2020. 


So sit back, pill up an earbud, and let’s close this year out with a bang and a plan! 


In this episode, I’ll guide you through: 


  • Reflective questions to ask when assessing how you want the next year to look and feel
  • Pinpointing areas of growth and development that you would like to focus on
  • Structuring your calendar and your time to give you the space and bandwidth for reaching your goals 
  • Getting clear on your goals so you have milestones to hit and benchmarks to reach that will help you indicate whether you’re on course or need to pivot 
  • Putting the pieces together to form your marketing action plan that carries you through all of 2021


References Mentioned in Episode #179: Conducting a Yearly Review for Future Success



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