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EP 282: Navigating the “Work Optional” Path of Entrepreneurship with Andrea Klein

business mindset May 30, 2022

Many spa owners get into their path of entrepreneurship because they love the work, the people, the transformations they help their clients make. 


But as many spa owners discover, being a provider in the treatment room isn’t something many of us aim to do forever. 


If you’ve been thinking about your next stage of spa ownership and crafting an exit strategy that keeps your spa successful but allows you to remove yourself from the treatment room, I’ve got a treat for you in this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy. 


In this episode, I’m talking with my long-time client and dear friend, Andrea Klein, who is now on the “work optional” path of entrepreneurship. 


This is a woman who was operating as a solo aesthetician just a few years ago and has now built her spa to 7-figures and is branching into the world of ecommerce and non-profit work. 


If you don’t know Andrea yet, she is a licensed aesthetician, multiple business owner and self-proclaimed women’s activist. She started her career by going to beauty school at age 34 and in less than 9 years she’s built a 7-figure day spa that she was able to retire from so she could focus on her life’s purpose, the Liberté Foundation for Women. 


Andrea now travels the world documenting women’s stories of freedom and entrepreneurship, and through her nonprofit, she is able to share the gift of freedom through grant giving to female small business owners around the world. 


Tune in as we talk about her journey to this “work optional” path of entrepreneurship and what she’s working on today to create impact and legacy, plus how you can receive some of that impact as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  •  Some of the mindset shifts Andrea has to go through as she removed herself from her spa and relied fully on her team 
  • What things Andrea had to get clear on in order to pave the path forward for her spa to be able to operate in the day-to-day without her
  • The importance of acknowledging and overcoming limiting beliefs and a discussion around feminine energy and embracing our natural gifts and inclinations
  • How Andrea is scaling for impact through her work with her skincare company and her 501-c3 non-profit, the Liberté Foundation
  • More insight on how AddoAesthetics is participating in the Liberté Foundation’s mission through grants for women in the spa and beauty industry

References Mentioned in Episode #282: Navigating the Work Optional Path of Entrepreneurship with Andrea Klein



Episode Transcript

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