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EP 289: Using SEO to Rise the Ranks of Google with Caitlin Strempel

e-commerce marketing Jul 25, 2022

Social media tends to be the hot topic when it comes to digital marketing, and while it is a crucial pillar in your overall marketing strategy, there’s another pillar that is equally as important, but is often overlooked – but not today! 


I’m talking about SEO aka Search Engine Optimization, and here to discuss it with me on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy is Caitlin Strempel. 


Caitlin is an SEO expert and marketing success coach who helps business owners get to the top of their industry by getting to the top of Google and found online at her company, Rising Ranks Digital. 


Caitlin has worked with locally-based businesses all the way to large-scale global brands such as Under Armour, Lexus and more, and she’s proud to have a 100% success rate at getting her clients to the first page of Google, which is something she’s going to share her top tips on in this episode. 


Whether you’re a spa owner who has no idea what SEO is or the faintest idea of how to get it to work, or you’re a tad familiar, but know you could beef up your efforts to gain better traction on Google, this episode is a must-listen! 


In this episode, we discuss: 


  •  What SEO is and why it’s especially important from a local business perspective
  • The first step to getting started with honing in on your SEO efforts and Caitlin’s top recommended tool to use 
  • Using organic SEO efforts alone and alongside a paid Google ads strategy 
  • When spa owners should look into investing more time, effort and money into ramping up their business’ SEO 

References Mentioned in Episode #289: Using SEO to Rise the Ranks of Google with Caitlin Strempel 



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