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EP 292: 5 Things Million Dollar Spa Owners Do

business mindset Aug 15, 2022

Do you want your spa to reach the coveted seven-figure benchmark? 


That might sound like a trick question, but honestly, it’s a valid one. 


More money requires more of you to uplevel into being a Spa CEO, but if hitting the million dollar benchmark is a goal you’d like to hit in your business, then listen up, because I’ve got good, and possibly surprising, news for you…


Hitting a million dollars in your spa may not be as big of a mountain to climb as you may think. 


In fact, I’d argue that reaching the six-figure mark is much tougher. 


But if the million dollar mark is what you have your sights set on, then this week’s episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy is for you as I share the five things that million-dollar Spa CEOs do.


From specific action steps to mindsets and perspectives, these are the things I find all the top Spa CEOs who hit the million that I’ve had the honor of working with have in common. 


In this episode, you’ll learn about:


  •  How to look at your metrics and numbers to be able to hit your bigger vision goals 
  • Finding areas of opportunities in your business that you and your team can leverage 
  • The common perspectives and mindsets that million-dollar Spa CEOs share
  • What things million-dollar spa owners do on the tangible and mindset levels to get ahead personally and professionally

References Mentioned in Episode #292: 5 Things Million Dollar Spa Owners Do 



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