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EP 295: Understanding your Human Design as an Entrepreneur with Victoria Fenton

education mindset Sep 05, 2022


There are countless personality assessments on the market (if you’ve been a long-time listener, you know I’m partial to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test), but there’s another assessment that takes an entirely different approach to understanding the core of who you are, and it’s called Human Design. 


Here to help shed light on this way of thinking, being, and working, especially as a spa owner and entrepreneur is my guest, Victoria Fenton. 


Victoria is a Functional and Performance Medicine Consultant, Human Design and Gene Keys expert and Transformational Master Coach. 


She has been in the world of personal development and healthcare for almost 20 years, training with some of the worlds’ most exceptional doctors and greatest spiritual teachers and in her work through her company Unveil Human Design,Victoria bridges the worlds of science and spirituality, offering truly holistic support for individuals to heal from suffering.


Whether you consider yourself more of the “woo” type, or you’re more of the straightlaced science nerd, this is a topic that crosses both boundaries in bringing you closer to who you were born to be, and I just know you’re going to walk away feeling curious to know more about your innate Human Design. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  •  What Human Design is and what makes it different than other personality type assessments, plus, the data points it uses to gather and comprise your chart 
  • Victoria explains the 4.5 key types of Human Designs and what they mean in terms of your aura and how it feels to you, and makes you appear to the outward world 
  • How to use your understanding of your Human Design in decision-making and how to best use your energy to flow, especially as an entrepreneur
  • Where you can utilize Human Design to enhance your spa’s team-building efforts, systems and operations, work environment, and team communication  

References Mentioned in Episode #295: Understanding your Human Design as an Entrepreneur with Victoria Fenton



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