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EP 358: Rediscovering Her Entrepreneurial Calling with Shirin Zakerion

inspiration leadership Dec 11, 2023

You’ll often hear me talk about how entrepreneurship is like riding a rollercoaster.


Some days are up, and other days are down, but ultimately, the goal always remains the same - to build business around a life you love. 


My guest on today’s episode has entrepreneurship ingrained in her DNA. Growing up working in her family’s restaurant, Shirin Zakerion developed a knack for customer service and leadership at a young age.


(She’s been practicing entrepreneurship for a long time!)


As she pursued a career in the hair industry, she found herself thrust into the world of entrepreneurship that was disappointingly filled with burnout. 


But she persevered. 


Tune in to hear how she rediscovered her passion and commitment for haircare and is now running a thriving business that is authentic to herself and her business. 


Shirin’s remarkable journey, from burnout to rediscovery, is a testament to her resilience and a driving force behind her success.


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • Shirin’s entrepreneurial and family background that led her into the hair industry
  • The cause that made her take a hiatus from the hair industry
  • How she rediscovered her passion that led her to opening her current salon
  • Her focus on the customer experience touchpoints and how Mangomint has been an integral part of building this process
  •  The importance of making business decisions that are in alignment with the problem you are trying to solve 

References Mentioned in Episode #358: Rediscovering Her Entrepreneurial Calling with Shirin Zakerion



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