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EP 359: Franchising Your Spa with Founder of VIO Med Spa, Joe Stanoszek

business marketing Dec 18, 2023

Longtime listeners know I’m constantly talking about having the mindset of creating an asset that you can sell. 


Well listen up Spa CEOs + aspiring spa owners because today’s podcast guest has done just that by building a franchise. 


There are currently 37 franchises of VIO Med Spa and counting! 


Founder Joe Stanoszek joins me to share the key things that made him get approached to franchise, plus the good and the bad of the process that landed him where he is today.


If you’ve had any interest in building a franchise or opening and operating a licensed franchise spa, tune in to hear all about Joe’s journey. 


In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Joe’s backstory and how VIO Med Spa came to fruition
  • Key things about VIO that made Joe get approached to franchise 
  • The in’s and out’s of the franchising process
  • Benefits of opening a licensed franchise, specifically in spa
  • Importance of lifetime customer value

References Mentioned in Episode #359: Franchising Your Spa with Founder of VIO Med Spa, Joe Stanoszek



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