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EP 362: Building a Winning Paid Ads Strategy with Tara Zirker

business e-commerce marketing Jan 08, 2024

If you’ve found yourself staring blankly at your Meta Ads account, turn the volume up and grab a notepad. 


I’ve been in your shoes. 


What is Meta? 

How do I know which ad campaign objective to select?

Should I use an image or a video?


This is just the start of a long list of questions that runs through your head while beginning to set up your paid ads strategy.


I want to help you take the guesswork out of ads so I invited the Facebook Ads goddess herself, Tara Zirker, back onto the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast. 


Tara helps thousands of online experts who are overwhelmed or skeptical to confidently learn paid advertising and infinitely scale their businesses through her business, Successful Ads Accelerator. 


Put your frustrations to the side, Tara shares easy to understand tips for lead generation and customer acquisition through paid advertising and tells us what developments to focus on in 2024. 


In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Two developments to consider when building your paid ads strategy this year
  • One important question to ask yourself about the lifetime value of a client
  • The biggest thing that holds spa owners back
  • Analyzing your budget and making data based decisions for ad placements
  • When and how to consider Tik Tok ads
  • Is video king in ads? 

References Mentioned in Episode #362: Building a Winning Paid Ads Strategy with Tara Zirker



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