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EP 365: WATCH: Emage Medical® Image Pro® SUNLITE Walkthrough

business education products Jan 29, 2024

If you’re a regular listener to the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast, you’ll remember I introduced you to Emage Medical® last year. 


Emage Medical® is a strategic partner that I’ve developed a relationship with and fully support the devices they offer.


For the second time on the pod, Emage Medical® returns as I’m joined by Hannah Beavers who walks me through the features and benefits of the Image Pro® SUNLITE device. 


If you’re listening on Spotify + Apple Podcasts, head over to our website ( to watch the full walkthrough as Hannah shares her screen to show a full tutorial of the device’s capabilities + the analysis it provides for each client.  


In this episode, we discuss:


  • A full walkthrough of the Image Pro® SUNLITE device
  • Client engagement and how the data provided from this device enhances the experience
  • The revenue payoff from investment in this device and how in depth the skin analysis is for each client
  • How the device shows improvements and areas of opportunity that give a full skin care plan for clients 

References Mentioned in Episode #365: WATCH: Emage Medical® Image Pro® SUNLITE Walkthrough 



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