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EP 366: 3 Ecom Strategies You Need in 2024 from Gamal Codner

e-commerce marketing Feb 05, 2024

We live in a world that prioritizes ease and convenience.


The accessibility of ordering essential items online has saturated the ecom market so we have to find new ways to stand out among the competitors. 


Put on your headphones if you’re ready to learn about this source of revenue stream for your spa in 2024. 


Returning for his second time on the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast, Gamal Codner’s consulting practice has helped 20,000+ founders generate over $96M annually in trackable revenue.


Gamal shares with me the three key strategies to keep in mind when building a desirable ecom business that people want to buy. 


With $10M+ raised and 9 successful business transactions totaling over $50 million, Gamal is one of only 90 official Shopify mentoring partners, and delivered the keynote at the Amazon BBA Conference.


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • 3 key strategies to implement in your ecom business plan
  • The big shift seen in ecommerce in a post-Covid world
  • A relative timetable a CEO needs to expect for launching an ecom store
  • Two questions Gamal asks his CEOs to answer to master their messaging to strangers online
  • How we can be as convenient as possible for our existing customers

References Mentioned in Episode #366: 3 Ecom Strategies You Need in 2024 from Gamal Codner



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