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EP 368: WATCH: What Does PDO Max AfterGlo™ Do For The Skin?

business education products Feb 19, 2024

We know the bread and butter of the spa industry are great before + after photos.


So if you’re listening to this episode right now on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, head over to our website ( to watch the mini presentation from my guest, Jaclyn Luongo on PDO Max AfterGlo™.


Jaclyn, Director of Sales & Business Development for PDO Max, is on the podcast today to share all things PDO Max AfterGloand the benefits it can bring to your spa business.


In this episode, we discuss: 


  • A full explanation of PDO AfterGlo™ 
  • The science + benefits it brings for the skin
  • Befores + After examples
  • Origin story for PDO Max

References Mentioned in Episode #368: WATCH: What Does PDO Max AfterGlo™ Do For The Skin?



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Episode Transcript

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