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EP 384: Understanding and Increasing Your Spa's Client Retention

business marketing Jun 10, 2024

When we talk about marketing strategy, all too often the primary focus of the conversation is about getting new clients through your spa’s door. 

Now don’t get me wrong, having a fresh flow of new leads and clients is critical in the health of your business, but just as important is retaining your existing clientele. 

While you will inevitably get client drop off simply due to the natural flux of life circumstances among your clients, regardless of the incredible caliber of service you provide, focusing on client retention is key for building a business that’s profitable. 

In this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy, we’re going to talk about all the angles of this key metric you need to keep your eye on as a Spa CEO. 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Why client retention is such a critical KPI to keep tabs of within your business and how it sets you up to increase your spa’s overall profitability
  • Balancing the metrics of client acquisition and retention based on the specific growth stage of your spa business
  • Benchmarks to keep in mind for assessing where your current client retention KPIs fall and how to adjust your marketing budget accordingly
  • A couple of my favorite strategies, including one you can start TODAY to keep your existing clients on your spa’s books 

References Mentioned in Episode #384: Understanding and Increasing Your Spa's Client Retention

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